We create and implement digital business models for real estate and construction companies.

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We design and program your digital application.

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Together with the Tagesspiegel we run a PropTech eMagazin.

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We will find the right digital real estate for you to make your company the market leader in the digital world.

Become a LinkedIn influencer: LinkedIn is available in 24 languages and has over 660 million users in 193 different countries and regions. Is this for you We stand by your side and make you the leading LinkedIn influencer.

Are you a Proptech or Contech from abroad and want to enter the largest real estate market in Europe? We are the best partner for you.


Virtual Real Estate Expo - With the DMREx we are starting a new era in the real estate industry. With a virtual Expo innovative real estate companies and PropTechs present themselves to guests from all over the world in a virtual 3D world. This includes virtual exhibition stands, conference rooms, get-togethers, cafés and much more. We create the necessary tension with regular special events. Be there for the start.


With GUYO we are launching a global competition for companies to reduce their offices’ CO2 emissions in a playful way. Companies have to carry out challenges over a period of six months in order to demonstrably reduce their CO2 emissions.

At the beginning, all participants must be on the CO2 scale. This determines the total CO2 emissions at the start per employee. They reduce their CO2 emissions in weekly challenges. The winners of the individual challenges win a CO2 bonus. Weighing is carried out every week. The companies with the worst three values fly out of the competition per round. There is a semi-final and final. In the end, the company wins with the largest percentage CO2 reduction per employee.

Throughout the competition, the companies are looked after by experienced coaches.

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Virtual Curator - Choose the right art for your real estate space.


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